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Automotive Human Factors

  • Doctoral Research Scholar Mr. Sajad Ahmad Najar
  • Major M.A. Psychology; M. Phil in Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Division Discipline of Psychology
  • Primary Funding Source: MHRD Institute Fellowship
  • Room: 1C-103 (POD Building)
  • Email:

Gaze Behavior and Driving Performance during Distracted Driving.

The broad focus of his research lies in studying the cognitive processes of humans when they interact with machines. His current research involves studying the effect of distracted driving (Suppression of Articulatory Rehearsal Mechanism and Visuo-spatial Distractions) on drivers’ gaze behavior and driving performance. His expertise lies in developing experimental paradigm for studying real world problems. For the current research he has developed an experimental paradigm named as Direction Following in Distracted Driving (D3) which is being used in the naturalistic operative driving environment.

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