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Music induced movement

  • Doctoral Research Scholar Mr. Yogesh Kumar Shivhare
  • Major: M. Tech Biomedical engineering
  • Room: 1C-103 (POD Building)
  • Division: Discipline of Biosciences and Biomedical Engineering
  • Primary Funding Source: MHRD Institute Fellowship
  • Research Topic: Music induced movement

Yogesh Kumar Shivhare’s is investigating issues concerning rhythmic auditory stimulation, action-perception research. Auditory stimulation utilizes focused sounds to produce a more positive effect on the nervous system and body movement which could be helpful to treat movement disorders like Parkinson's disease, focal dystonia. So his main interest to find the link between auditory stimulus factors like Intensity, Timbre, frequency, duration of tones, inter stimulus interval which are the backbone of any type of music & body movement.

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